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About ENEN / ENEN Membership

ENEN Membership

member of enen


The Members are public or private corporate bodies having a legal status and meeting the following criteria:

   - Universities,

   - Research organisations,

   - Regulatory bodies,

   - Nuclear industry, 

   - and/or any other organisations involved in the application of nuclear science and ionising radiation


   - Provide academic or professional Education and Training in the application of nuclear science and ionising radiation, and/or commit themselves to support the ENEN Association,

   - Have a firmly established tradition of relations with some of the members in the fields of education, research and training, and

   - Are based in the European Union or in one of its associated or candidate member countries.




As of March 2014, the ENEN Association has 68 members and partners within the EU countries and Japan, South Africa, Canada, the Russian Federation and Ukraine:

List of the members of the European Nuclear Education Network 


The General Assembly of the members of ENEN meets annually, on the first Friday of March, to:


  • discuss the general policy of the ENEN Association according to its objectives,
  • approve the proposed activities and action plan,
  • the annual budget,
  • decide on membership applications,
  • to appoint the members of the Board of Governors, President and Vicepresident.




     5000 Euro per year 

     1000 Euro per year for Universities in Europe

     3000 Euro per year for Universities beyond Europe

BECOMing A member of ENEN

In order to become an member, the ENEN Membership Application Form must be submitted to the ENEN Secretariat together with documented references fulfilling the criteria for Membership. The steps are:


1. Fill in the ENEN Membership Application Form

       ENEN Membership Application Form   


2. Scan the Membership Application Form and send it by email to: sec.enen@cea.fr

3. Send the original Membership Application Form by post to: 

       Pedro Dieguez Porras, Secretary General

       European Nuclear Education Network Association

       Centre CEA de Saclay, INSTN - Bâtiment 395

       F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, FRANCE


What happens afterwards:


4. The new Membership Application is assessed by the Quality Assurance Area (QAA) Committee providing a recommendation to the Board of Governors of ENEN

5. The Board of Governors of ENEN review the Membership Application considering the recommendation by the QAA

6. The General Assembly ENEN Membership Application votes and ratifies the new membership


The ENEN secretariat will notify the new applicant of each step.

In case you have questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail: sec.enen@cea.fr