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International Coop. / IAEA - Nuclear Knowledge Management

IAEA - Nuclear Knowledge Management

ENEN & IAEA - Practical Arrangements and Cooperation agreementS
with regional networks


Practical Arrangements signed in 2013 with the Nuclear Knowledge Management Section at the IAEA

 Cooperation Agreement signed in 2013 

from left to righ:


Prof. Javier Dies,

Vice-President of ENEN

Prof. Walter Ambrosini,

President of ENEN

Dr. Alexander V. Bychkov, 

Deputy General Director of IAEA

Dr. John de Grosbois,

Head of NKM Section IAEA






These Practical Arrangements improve the cooperation in the area of regional networking for research, education, training, and outreach in nuclear science and technology.



  • Promoting high quality nuclear education and academic and scientific research;
  • Promoting nuclear knowledge management, human resources development and capacity building in the Area through regional networking;
  • Sharing information and material in the Area between the Parties and disseminating them for the benefits of students and professionals in Member States;
  • Exploring opportunities to promote, discuss and coordinate activities between the
  • Parties and the results thereof;
  • Exploring opportunities to participate jointly in activities such as meetings, symposia, workshops, summer schools and internships;
  • Promoting the exchange of teachers and students in the Area;
  • Exploring opportunities for developing and sharing joint publications and material including e-learning contents;
  • Promoting the usage of e-learning methods and tools, and in general; and
  • Promoting collaboration between ENEN and its members, and the IAEA’s Regional networks (ANENT, LANENT, and AFRA-NEST), and its members.


Cooperation Agreement was signed between ENEN and the IAEA’s Regional networks to promote the mutual collaboration.

from left to righ:


Prof. Edward H. K. Akaho,

President of AFRA-NEST

Prof. Hendriyanto Haditjahyono,

President of ANENT

Prof. Walter Ambrosini,

President of ENEN

Prof. Raul Barrachina,

President of LANENT








Visit the integrated database established by the IAEA NKM section with infomation from the regional networks.

The Regional Networks established by the IAEA are: 


Practical Arrangements signed with the IAEA and the Regional network ANENT in 2009

from left to right:


Prof. Joseph Safieh,

President of ENEN

Dr. Yuri A. Sokolov, 

Deputy General Director of IAEA